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A Few of My Favorite Things

In my own health journey over the years, I've come to appreciate the value of natural solutions. The more we can do that is both good for the earth and good for our bodies, the better! I would love to teach you more about how to use some of my favorite natural solutions, essential oils, combined with other holistic modalities, to feel better and live well. 

my story

My journey with essential oils and dream work started back in 2015 when I let fear and anxiety rule my life and started looking everywhere for something that would give me peace of mind. Throughout my search I was having reoccurring dreams that was showing what the root cause of my anxieties were. I worked with a meditation coach who introduced me to doTERRA wild orange and rose. 

While sharing with her what was going on with me, holding back tears, she had me smell these two oils. The immense feelings of hope that came over me immediately made me a believer and I rushed to "the google" to search for essential oils.  However, back then I didn't know not all oils are as pure as they claim to be so I continued my search diving in to yoga, crystal healing, learning about the chakra system, even tarot! 

I then found a doTERRA team that focused on using these oils in a metaphysical way which fit perfectly to my unique interests. From there I was convinced this is what I wanted to do, help others who deal with stress and sleep deprivation and give them that hint of hope that one bottle of wild orange gave me. 

Fast forward to today, I have left my Engineering job to focus full time on helping others use these holistic modalities in a process I call Dream Healing. 

What's Dream healing?

Our dreams hold powerful messages from our unconscious minds which try to tell us, through dream symbols, what our deep triggers and issues are. Through dream interpretation you can decipher what those dreams mean and how they relate to a current or past situation. Sounds pretty cool right? But then what? That's where dream healing comes in. Dream Healing is what you do AFTER you've received the message and understand what these deep emotions are. Using a range of holistic modalities to create a unique protocol for you to apply to your waking life. It's not just about listening to your unconscious but acknowledging it's importance and doing something about it or like I like to say... "Balance your waking life through dreamwork". Essential oils are my favorite and easiest dream healing tools because there is literally an oil for everything. I look forward to sharing more about the magic side of essential oils and how you can use it along with the messages of your dreams. 

"Our bodies can only express the truth we carry inside." 

~Alanna Kaivalya

so back to the oils...

If you have ever enjoyed the scent of a rose, you’ve experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. These natural aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. Essential oils protect plants and give them their distinctive smells. Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications, providing a safe alternative to traditional remedies. We're not always aware of the issues that are affecting us, dream work helps us bring these deep issues to light. Then the oils can be used to support that inner work!

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